These people all work within the cosmetic, toiletry and perfumery industry and have used science in different ways. In some cases, their roles now involve very little science, and in other cases, their jobs are extremely technical. All their careers are interesting, so let’s meet the faces of science!
If you are interested in following a career in the cosmetics industry, look at the courses on offer at Many companies in the cosmetics industry offer industry work placements to students in higher education at universities and colleges and have their own graduate schemes and internships as well as full-time career opportunities. See the CTPA members’ list for links to key companies in the industry.
The CTPA website has links to the legislative requirements for cosmetics placed on the EU market with guidance for companies who are manufacturing and supplying cosmetic products. Find out more here. The CTPA also has a dedicated consumer site,, which provides a key research resource for journalists and the public on the facts about the science behind cosmetic products and their safety.

Dr Chris Flower

Director-General of the Cosmetic, Toiletry and Perfumery Association

He speaks with the media and ensures that the industry is well represented to the government and other opinion formers and members are kept up-to-date with best practice and legal requirements.

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Emma Meredith

Director of Science

She keeps members up-to-date with best practice and legal requirements.

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Ifra Siddiqui

Regulatory Assistant

She provides information and research support to the regulatory department as well as advising members on regulatory and technical issues.

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