Faces of Science

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Faces of Science

Faces of Science is an educational resource aimed mainly at Key Stage 4 Science students, although many parts of it are also suitable for Key Stage 3 Science students.

It contains a wealth of educational information, animated explanations and interactive activities, giving an insight into the science that gives us personal care products, from toothpaste to foundation. It also looks at self-esteem, an important part of health and wellbeing.

Working with cosmetics and toiletries isn’t just for beauticians and make-up artists. You could be a chemist designing a new long-lasting deodorant, or a biologist making sure the toothpaste you produce works without harming the teeth. You could be working on improving formulations for a huge range of products from hair colourants and sun products to chip-resistant nail polish and colour-matching foundation. There are lots of scientists working behind the scenes to ensure that the products we use every day are safe, effective and pleasant.

In the sections above you’ll learn science that you’ll need to know for your GCSEs.