1. Think about the things which make you smile.
List 5 things which can cheer you up as you go through your day.

2. Think about the things that can make you feel fed up.
List 5 of them.

3. If a friend comes to you and says that they are feeling down, what would you do?
Write some suggestions.

4. Being a teenager has only really existed since the 1950s. Since then teenagers have been associated with various groups who have dressed in certain styles, listened to particular types of music and held their own set of beliefs.
Carry out a research project to find out about different teenage groups or styles – past or present. Try to say why you think people like to belong to groups. (Clue: you may want to find out about hippies, mods, punks, goths, emos, hipsters, ravers or skaters).

5. If you could plan an ideal treat to include all your favourite things in one day, what would it be?
Write a description of the things your day would include. How do you think this would change as you went through your teenage years?