Selling yourself

When you are applying for further education or work, you need to give information about yourself. Usually you have to fill in an application form. However you can also apply for jobs by sending a CV and covering letter or email.

How to complete an application form

Check the date of when the form must be sent in. You should start filling it in well before the deadline. Before you fill in the form, read through the form carefully noting all the information you need and make sure you have this to hand. If it is a paper form, take a photocopy of the form and practise filling it in. Only when you are happy with your answers and sure you can complete all the sections neatly should you attempt to fill in the original form. If it is an online form, check to see if you can save the form as a draft before you start filling it in. If you can’t save a draft copy of your application, see if you can download or copy the form so you can practise and review your answers before you have to send them off.

Your CV should give important information about yourself.

Writing a CV

Your CV should give important information about yourself. You may be asked to supply a CV when you apply for a job or work experience. You may want to upload your CV to a job website so that employers contact you if they are looking for your skill, but if you are thinking of doing this remember to be keep all your personal details safe online – don’t give out your date of birth or address details and check the privacy settings of the website. You stand a better chance of getting a job if you take the initiative and send your CV directly to companies that you want to work for. Make sure to include a covering letter saying why you want to work for them.

For more information about how to write a CV and make it stand out to an employer, visit nationalcareersservice.

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